Fundamentals and Core principles

This website describes the systems and protocols devised and adopted by the Raptor Fliers Association of Western Australia, originally founded as the Raptor Rehabilitation Association of Western Australia and then legally Incorporated in March of 2016.

The primary purpose of RFAWA is to encourage, support and uphold the highest standards, to provide support and advice to members and non-members alike with regard to all aspects of captive raptor management including their rehabilitation requirements and particularly the free exercise flying of raptors (otherwise known as Birds of Prey) in care, and to do so within the spirit and ethos of ecological sustainability and education in line with modern biodiversity conservation standards and expectations.


RFAWA members (who are suitably qualified) engage in the free exercise flying of raptors in care transparently and with accountability for the purpose of:

   * Educational display including commercial or non-         commercial film work and photography; reversing the                    disconnect of an ever growing urbanised population with the wild environment.

  * Pest control/abatement; (where any requirement and/or                              opportunities may exist).

  * Rehabilitation of wild raptors already in care;                  which are selected by us upon the basis of a high likelihood of further improved                 chances of survival in the wild environment after final release (see our policy                    statement entitled 'protocol for free flying').

  * General fitness, health and well being of raptors            in permanent care; so that those raptors that are kept permanently in                care and where it may be appropriate and beneficial to them, are afforded                         the opportunity to occasionally fly freely in their own natural environment                           without  physical barriers.  


  *Scientific study and/or research purposes; such as                      the use of radio-telemetry and/or GPS tracking to monitor fitness progression in                those raptors undergoing rehabilitation, and to monitor, record and share release              outcomes.  To enter into or contribute to the scientific study of raptors in care                    and in the wild.


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